H+H Software GmbH

In today’s information society, it is more and more important to provide the right information at the right time... to the right people. The jungle of information in the various Internet sources, gigantic in supply and variety, is nearly impossible to manage proficiently. Access authentication and chargeable services make handling even more complicated. The realm of information has to be prepared in form and content to achieve transparency for the user.

• What resources are been used?
• How often and how long has a particular publication been accessed?
• Which users (or departments) have consulted those databases?

The person providing the services definitely needs to know the answers to these questions in order to economically and efficiently organize and fashion the supply of information and additionally calculate any apportionment of costs to the different users.

To meet any growing demands: H+H Software GmbH entire family of products, controlled access have never been so easy to manage and deliver! Regardless of its content form: on-line databases/electronic publications or URL-listings, CD/DVD applications... name it, there is a global centralized solution for IT!