Downloading Termino

TERMino version 4

Bilingual terminological record keeping tool designed to be integrated with ISYS Search Software for Translation departments, and could be customized by IDMS for specific customer needs. We are now providing TERMino software free of charge. However:

It's search functionality would be greatly enhanced when used with ISYS
It's user interface is available only in French (could be translated at your request)
TERMino is designed as a fully network oriented tool for a group of translators, therefore it requires a Network Card in the computer for which we generate an activation code

Click on this link to download the software: Termino 4.1.1
Click on this link to download a sample database: Termino Database

Basic Instructions:
You may place the database file on your network or personal computer, and Termino will ask where it is situated the first time you launch it.

When you run the setup, depending of you Operating System, you may be asked to replace some system files. In that case we suggest you safely choose to keep your current system files installed.

The first time Termino is launched you will be asked for a registration key. We generate this key for you based on the Machine Code you will be provided. You must contact us once you have this code, we suggest you use the online contact form for easier manipulation of the key/code (make sure to provide a valid email address!). You must define some Domains and some Users before adding records. The original administrating account for the sample database provided uses the following credentials:

Username: Admin
Password: admin

Do not hesisate to contact us for support!