We believe that an organizations intellectual assets encompass all of its history, its products and services, it's customer and competitor information. This information generally resides in a multitude of places and takes a multitude of forms. Being able to share, access, distribute and retrieve this information across multiple groups, departments and offices presents a real challenge in todays business environment.

Our mission is to provide the network integration services necessary for the facilitation of accessing, sharing and deploying vital corporate information across all types of networks so that organizations can leverage the valuable content within their information, wherever it resides and whenever they need it.

The IDM Solutions process is based on a proprietary building block methodology that offers our customers a fully integrated approach to a complete comprehensive solution. The main elements of this methodology are:

  • Requirements Definition A definition of your requirements that reviews your current environment and processes as well as the analysis of the objectives to be attained.
  • Total cost of ownership Recommendations that best meet those requirements and objectives, keeping in mind a lowered Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Tun-key implementation Integration Services that consist of Full turn-key implementation of the recommendations which can include training, updates to operating processes and outsourcing services.